Level 2 Student Clinic Enrolment

Please use the form below to indicate your preferred clinics. Enrolment is on a first come first serve basis and will be confirmed with you.

Friday afternoon clinics are from 12pm to 4:30pm

Friday evening clinics are from 4:15pm to 8:45pm

Please indicate which student clinics you would like to register your preference for (preference does not guarantee you will be rostered on for a specific clinic).

You do not have to select all terms right now. You are welcome to enrol term by term if that is more aligned with your needs.

(NB do not enrol in 2 clinics on the same day unless you have completed at least 5 clinics already and are confident in your ability to hold space for 4 clients in a day)

NB Once you have nominated your shifts and your roster has been issued for the term, these clinic shifts are your responsibility. As practitioners your commitment to your roster is part of your responsibility towards the clinic operators as well as the clients (this is applicable during your studies and future professional career).

As such, it is the responsibility of you, the practitioner, to find someone to cover your clinic shift if you cannot make it (excepting emergencies). This means that if you need to change your commitment, the onus is on you to contact other student practitioners and arrange a cover, and to then notify the office of this arrangement.

We have a contact list of students who are in the student clinic, which will be available through the student portal. You will be added to a classroom title Level 2 Clinic where this can be found. This list is only to be used for these purposes.